Investment Criteria

The Reserve Group actively targets companies in the middle market with revenues of $20- $200 million and EBITDA of $0 – $5million.  The manufacturing, technology, real estate and distribution industries are where we focus our investments.  We look to acquire both independent standalone companies and roll-up opportunities for expanding our current investments.  Using a leverage buy-out model has been our traditional method to structure deals and build our portfolio.  Historically, we have described ourselves as turnaround professionals.  Our leadership has extensive experience with businesses in bankruptcy or on the verge of insolvency.  Still, we also look to acquire stable, well-performing companies that we deem to have a strategic fit within our group.

The Reserve Group is currently managing a multitude of companies that include steel rolling, steel forging, steel casting, steel stamping, plastic molding, both light gauge / heavy gauge fabrication and biometric fingerprint scanning technology.  We operate in the automotive, construction, agricultural, heavy duty truck, oil and gas, energy, medical, pharmaceutical, beverage, defense, capital goods, and consumer end markets.  Further, our companies tend to serve multinational customers that are either original equipment manufacturers, tier I or tier II suppliers.

Other target company attributes include:

  • Revenue from proprietary products;
  • Relationships with key customers and suppliers;
  • Clear growth opportunities;
  • Real-estate availability for growth;
  • Ability to leverage existing capabilities; and
  • North American and international presence to meet customer and/or cost requirements.

The Reserve Group’s flexible management, along with access to immediate capital, provides a unique capability for time sensitive transactions.  We can perform the necessary due diligence and close transactions quickly when necessary.

The Reserve Group looks to establish long-term positions with prospective companies, while aligning managerial interest with those of ownership.  While we have participated in minority share investments and successful joint ventures, it is our strong preference to control our positions.