Who we are

We are a third-generation family-owned holding and management company focused on the expansion of lower-middle market industrial manufacturing and technology businesses. We acquire and grow companies with a long-term vision in mind

How we work

We manage our portfolio as independent companies with highly autonomous, experienced, and empowered management teams. We create value for our businesses by investing in and developing our people and providing the best possible resources for their long-term success.

Why we are different

We operate each business independently, but we collaborate to provide the greatest possible value for our customers. We share best practices, develop our people, and innovate for the future. We are clear in our motivations and our values of Relationships & Accomplishments.

A proven track record of success

Our current managed portfolio consists of (11) companies, some held for more than 40+ years.  We have built, revitalized, and grown our businesses through economic ups and downs.

We pour, stamp, bend, roll, forge, and weld steel. Outside our industrial steel foundation, we also manufacture plastics and fingerprint biometric technology.

Our reputation of commitment, integrity, and determination are some of our most valued assets.


Our mission is to build relationships, create opportunities and celebrate accomplishments. This is possible by aligning with our employees, customers, partners, and our stakeholders.


We are a family office with no investment or exit timelines with our companies. We practice patience and invest for sustainable, diversified and long-term growth.

Values Based

We preach the entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, respect, hard work, and honest communication.

Mindful Business

Our patriarch taught us life is too short, so be mindful of who you do business with and how you do business with them.


We are always striving for accomplishments, but our reputation and integrity are equally integral in developing and maintaining our strong and lasting relationships.